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From the Libyan coast to the Drôme, the epic of Constance and his baby Christ, saved by the "Aquarius"

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Yannick, Christ and Constance, at Die, in Dreme. BRUNO FERT / NEUTRAL GRAY FOR M THE MAGAZINE THE WORLD

It was first necessary to show white paw. Wait until she chooses the moment. Not the one we thought. A question was asked and his look, hard, immediately sanctioned our impudence. We trained her in a bucolic place that the host of Die (DrÃ'me) had told us, in the Vercors mountains, thinking to overcome her reservations by offering her a frame peaceful. But the laces of the road indisposed him and the path of pebbles hurt his feet. The point of view did not soften her. For a moment, we thought that she would remain stiff and silent and that she would send us back with authority, all to our frustrated curiosity. And then, sovereign, she started talking. And his serenity is bent for a moment under the flood of his words.

Sitting in the grass, leaving his son, Christ, 20 months, to the surveillance of Yannick, his companion, Constance agreed to return on his incredible journey. The one she started in March 2016, leaving Cameroon, at the age of 21, and who was going to bring her, as she says with a troubling simplicity, to  € œBirth Christ in the Mediterraneanâ €. The woman's escapism is similar to that of the hundreds of thousands of migrants who have arrived in Europe in recent years. And to no other.

Contractions warn him

Before embarking on the crossing of the Mediterranean, she had already survived those of the Sahara and Libya, believed to die of thirst, suffered violence and threats, escaped To captivity. On July 11, 2017, when she boarded a wooden canoe, on the shore of a beach in Sabratha, Libya, alongside about a hundred men unknown to her, it is as much to save as to despair. The young woman has already passed the end of her three-day pregnancy and the contractions warn her that there will be no fourth.

In the boat, Constance can not keep her legs folded. She tries to lie down, but when the contractions seize her, she wakes up in a contortion of pain. At once, we make her sit down again, to prevent the tub from capsizing. During the long hours of her flight, she hears screams around her. She thinks she can guess in the night the entreaties of drowning people. She speaks to the Lord in silence. "I did not know if my mission on Earth was over. AT" Eight hours after departure, under the crushing sun of the mid-day, she suddenly feels that she is losing the waters. His right hand, between his legs, sees the head of Christ.