The house of David and Victoria Beckam targeted by criminals for the second time … in a month

David and Victoria Beckam

Criminals tried once again to getting into Victoria and David Beckham’s home. The second attempt in a month only.

Beckam’s house

The house of David and Victoria Beckham coveted by criminals. On November 14th, men tried to get into the property of the couple located in the Cotswolds region in England and worth 6.7 million euros, as evidenced by the images recorded by the cameras of security. Security guards and guard dogs chased thieves out of the property. The second robbery attempt within a month.

The couple and their children were not at home at the time. “It feels like it’s a thoughtful operation to get in when they’re not there,” said a source. “The family splits their time between the country house and their home in London,” the same source added, “thank God, they used extra security forces after the last incident to protect their property. would have been different if it was not. ”

David and Victoria Beckham have not finished to have worry: the couple would have once again reinforced the security measures put in place.

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