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El Paso shootout: terrorist confirms he was targeting "Mexicans"
Crosses in tribute to the victims of the attack, August 6, in El Paso. Callaghan O'Hare / REUTERS

The man who killed twenty-two people Saturday, August 3 at a store in the Walmart chain of El Paso, a Texas city with a Hispanic majority, aimed specifically at "Mexicans", said the US authorities, reporting the terrorist's statements.

Arrested shortly after the attack, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius quickly gave up his right to remain silent and confirmed the police's racist motive for his attack. The story was similar to the manifesto he had published on the controversial site 8chan before his passage to the act, where he decried a "Hispanic invasion of Texas". AT" They are the instigators, not me. ", justified the author, after explaining that he "Support the Christchurch Killer", Brenton Tarrant, who slaughtered 51 people in two mosques in New Zealand in March. His hatred of Hispanics would have been forged after "Read The Great Replacement AT", theory about the alleged substitution of one population for another, direct reference to Brenton Tarrant's manifest text.

Rheumatics of the invasion

Twenty-two people were killed and about two dozen were injured. Most of the victims have Hispanic surnames and eight are Mexican nationals. In El Paso, a frontal city of 680,000 inhabitants facing the Mexican city of Ciudad Juarez, 80% of the population is Hispanic, according to statistics dating from 2018.

Sunday night, Donald Trump assured that the  " hatred" had no place in the United States, and blamed the El Paso shooting for a "Problem of mental illness". This speech comes after several candidates for the Democratic Party's nomination for the presidential election of 2020 directly accused the US president of having created A context allowing this attack, especially because of his incendiary rhetoric against Hispanics. "Donald Trump is responsible for what happened. He is responsible because it stirs fears, hatred and fanaticism. "said Senator Cory Booker on CNN. El Paso's former Democrat representative, Beto O Rourke, also denounced the  " racism" President of the United States, while Senator Bernie Sanders described it as  " Xa © nophobe" who tries to play the springs of the "White nationalism".

Donald Trump has actually been partly read by treating Mexicans as rapists and regularly evokes an invasion of the United States by migrants from Central America. The manifesto of the extreme right terrorist takes over, sometimes word for word, the rhetoric developed by the conservative billionaire during his campaign.

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250e mass shootout in 2019

The United States, where the wearing of arms is legal, is regularly bereaved by shootings that affect schools as well as places of worship, work or commerce. This shootout, the sixth most murderous in twenty-five years, is the first of a particularly deadly weekend: a few hours later, at the other end of the country, In Dayton, Ohio, another shooting left nine dead and dozens wounded.

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Minister of Justice William Barr has promised to bring the person responsible for the massacre to justice without delay.

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