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Eight years in prison for a mother who left for Syria with her three children

A 37-year-old woman, who spent nine months in Syria with her three young children in 2017, was sentenced to eight years of imprisonment on Wednesday 7 August in Paris.

This sentence, together with a two-thirds security period, is superior to the demands of the prosecution, which had asked for six years of imprisonment against the Italian-Moroccan mother-in-law, Rajae Mujahid, tried for criminal conspiracy to target a terrorist and kidnapping of children. For the criminal court, it's the  € œOnly adaptedâ € the behavior of the prisoner and his "Absolute denial of facts" who went  € œto deny the evidence of this fileâ €.

Join "a fighter"

In March 2017, after the bloody attacks in France and in particular that of Nice, near her home in Antibes, she had joined Syria, taking with her her 9-year-old daughter and her two boys. 7 and 5 years old. Â € œThis was a pre-made, hidden and thought-out departureâ €?, estimated the court: this already married woman joined "A fighter" with whom she had an online relationship and was married on her arrival in the region of Idleb in northwestern Syria.

If the powerful Islamist rebel group to which he belonged, Ahrar al-Sham, does not appear on the list of terrorist organizations established by international bodies, he had  € œOperational links with Al-Qaidaâ € and can therefore be described as a terrorist group in French law, considered the court.

Rajae Moujahid returned to Turkey in December 2017, seven months pregnant, before being deported to Italy and imprisoned in France under a mandate of stunt. The mother was in possession of official documents from Ahrar al-Sham and her phone contained photos of jihadist propaganda, exactions and weapons, as well as dead children and child soldiers.

Contradictions and counter-truths

Long black hair tied, this daughter of an architect, who studied philosophy and sociology then a hotel school in Morocco, has struggled to explain her Syrian side during Lâ € ™ hearing.

Appearing pending, she assured she wanted to flee on a "Angry shot" her husband â € "an Italian converted to Islam â €" so-called violent and jealous. Her visit to Syria was only decided once she arrived in Turkey, she said.

The prosecutor deplored a "Clusters of contradictions and counter-truths" : the family mother had emptied her children's bank accounts a month before departure, destroyed her cell phone and joined "Knowingly a country at war".

 € œThis is a man she joins, not an ideology, not a groupâ €, pleaded Margaux Durand-Poincloux, asking not to condemn his client  € œThat for what she really did: endangering her childrenâ €.

The criminal court also awarded one euro of damages and interest to Rajae Mujahid's three children. "Traumatized by this long stay in Syria".

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