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Drian responds to Trump: France "needs no authorization" to speak about Iran
French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian, Brussels, Belgium, July 15, 2019. Johanna Geron / REUTERS

France "No need for any authorization"French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said on Friday, reacting to a criticism voiced the day before by the US president. Donald Trump had criticized Thursday the French president to speak to Iran on behalf of the United States.

"On Iran, France expresses itself in all sovereignty. She is strongly committed to peace and security in the region, she commits herself to allow a stress escalation and she does not need any authorization to do so. "said the head of French diplomacy in a statement.

"France is faithful to the Vienna agreement that prevents nuclear proliferation"continued Le Drian. "It respects its signature, as do the other parts of the agreement, with the exception of the United States, and it strongly urges Iran to return to the conformity of its obligations. AT"

"The worsening of tensions requires political initiatives to restore the conditions for dialogue. That's what President Macron does in full transparency with our partners, first and foremost the signatory Europeans. It obviously holds informed American authorities. All efforts must be reunited to prevent this conflict situation from turning into a dangerous confrontation. ", concluded the minister.

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No unlicensed negotiation of sanctions

Thursday, Donald Trump had declared, in a Tweet: "I know that Emmanuel wants to do well, like everyone else, but no one speaks for the United States other than the United States themselves.", while tensions between Washington and Tehran are exacerbated. "Iran has serious financial problems. They desperately want to speak in the United States, but receive conflicting messages from all those who claim to represent us, including French President Macron. "he added.

While hardening the diplomatic, economic and military pressure on Tehran, President Trump has recently stepped up calls for dialogue, including during the current escalation of tensions in the Gulf. Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has confirmed he has been invited to meet with the US President at the White House, which he says he has refused.

Emmanuel Macron talks regularly with his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rohani and does not hide his hope to play the mediators in the ongoing crisis. But until now, Iran has reputed that it will not negotiate with Washington under the pressure of US sanctions.

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