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Donald Trump struggles to convince of the sincerity of his condemnation of white supremacism

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In front of the Dayton City Hall (Ohio), August 6: "A visit from Trump would infect an open wound". John Minchillo / AP

Donald Trump will perform Wednesday, August 7 a delicate trip to Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, two cities hit during the weekend by mass killings, which caused the death of 31 people. The president of the United States is indeed accused by a large part of the Democratic camp of having stoked the racial tensions that led a young 21-year-old white man to attack the population mainly Hispanic of the second city, located on the border with Mexico.

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Monday, during a brief intervention at the White House during which he mistakenly located the Ohio shooting in Toledo instead of Dayton, Donald Trump invited the United States to " condemning racism, sectarianism, and white supremacism with one voice AT". A door-to-door commitment, however, with the virulent rhetoric favored by the real estate mogul since his entry into politics, in June 2015. The former elite of the El Paso district, Beto Oâ € ™ Rourke, candidate for the presidential nomination for the 2020 presidential election, has also publicly announced that the head of state is not welcome.

The term "invasion"

Donald Trump has defended many times, the last time during an interview with the conservative chain Fox News, on June 6, the use of the term " invasion To qualify for immigration from Central America. A hammered word in more than 200 campaign advertisements published on the Facebook social network by the team responsible for its election since the beginning of the year. According to the New York Times. The daily says the team has already spent more than a million dollars to denounce this assumption. invasion AT".

The shooter of El Paso used the same expression in the manifesto which was attributed to him, published before his passage to the act and in which he pleads " a Hispanic invasion of Texas AT". He says, however, that his views on immigration are " Anta © EXTERIORFEATURES To Donald Trump's accession to power. The author of the massacre at Pittsburgh's synagogue (11 dead) in October 2018, Robert Bowers, also reported  " invaders".