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Christian Jacob: "Farmers felt arrogance and a form of contempt"

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Between CETA vote, drought and  "Details © considà  © ration" from the executive, "The shock is hard to cash out" for farmers, says the leader of right-wing members, himself a former farmer.

Spilled manure, local walled or tagged, broken windows … After the vote of the Free Trade Agreement with Canada (CETA), agricultural unions (Young farmers , FDSEA) have multiplied the degradations on the permanences of deputies La RÃ © publique en marche. As a former agricultural unionist, do you condemn these violent actions?

In some production sectors, farmers are in debt, squeezed, and drowning in drought. They sometimes add price drops. That there are outbreaks, and that these overtures are reprehensible or shocking, of course, but no one encourages violence in agricultural unions. Most actions are reversible. Let's avoid any comparison, we are not in front of hordes of breakers, it is the heads of companies acculturated, in very difficult economic situation, who risk their company and their employment.

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In your opinion, where does this anger come from?

Substantive mistakes have been made. First on the agriculture budget, at the European level, it is the first time that a President of the Republic and a government do not fight for a debt split the budget of agriculture. Farmers have felt arrogance and a form of distrust in the agricultural world. This has been aggravated by the CETA: members of the government have lied in an uncomfortable way by explaining that the treaty would have little impact on the beef sector and that it there would be no animal meal used. However, the demonstration was made that these flours were a good source of food for Canadian cattle. Between the budget that is not defended, the CETA agreement, a form of disapproval by the government, the shock and the shock are hard to cash for the agricultural world.

After the CETA, the Free Trade Agreement between Mercosur and the European Union, signed on June 28 by the European Commission, is called for to intensify the import of raw materials to Europe and promote the export of European manufactured goods to Latin America. Emmanuel Macron described it as "Okay"What is your assessment?

The Mercosur agreement as it is intended would be a pure disaster for the agricultural sector. The seeds of this disaster have been sown with CETA. Itâ € ™ s an extremely serious mistake that has been opened and concerns today beef. The risk is that it opens up in other sectors, for dairy farmers, grain producers or fruit and vegetable producers.