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Chinese startup successfully launches first orbital launch

LandSpace then OneSpace had failed in this business. It was finally the Beijing-based i-Space startup that succeeded. It becomes the first private Chinese space company to place satellites in orbit.

From the Jiuquan launch pad in the Gobi Desert in northwestern China, a small Hyperbola-1 orbital launcher (or SQX-1 Y1) took off on July 25 at 1:00 pm (Beijing time). The four-storey rocket less than 21 meters high reached an altitude of 300 km.

Several payloads were shipped. In particular, it has successfully deployed a CubeSat amateur radio nanosatellite developed by the Beijing University of Technology.

According to i-Space, the Hyperbola-1 launcher has a take-off weight of 31 tonnes and a diameter of 1.4 m. It is able to place 260 kg in low Earth orbit.

Reuters recalls that in May 2018, OneSpace became the first Chinese private company to send a rocket into space. i-Space had followed with suborbital launches. The next step – which just took place – was to send a payload into orbit.