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CETA, drought, CAP … The executive face the sling of farmers

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Agriculture Minister Didier Guillaume, on the right, discusses the heat wave with a farmer in Ouchamps (Loir-et-Cher) on July 22nd. GUILLAUME SOUVANT / AFP

Corinne Vignon can not anymore. She decided to invest in a system of alarm and video surveillance. Sunday, August 4, the permanence of the deputy (the Republic in progress, LRM) of Haute-Garonne was targeted for the second time in three days. A questionable spelling message was tagged on the portal: "LREMerde not representing the people".

We do not know, for the time being, who is hiding behind this exaction – the lover complained. We know, however, who walled his permanence with blocks in the night of 1st on August 2 nd. The act has been claimed by the FDSEA (FNSEA's departmental delegate, the National Federation of Farmers' Unions).

The same, plague Mme Vignon, had already poured "A ton of manure" in front of her home, in 2017, during the review of the law on food.

Today, they want to denounce the adoption by the majority, on July 23, of a bill ratifying the CETA. This free trade agreement between the European Union (EU) and Canada would threaten, they say, the economic health of cattle ranchers. The boss of the FNSEA, Christiane Lambert, assured that the farmers were esteemed  " betrayed". A dozen permanences of LRM delegates have been targeted throughout France in recent days by the FNSEA or Young Farmers (JA).

A crisis that the executive is watching closely

"Do everything for farmers?, annoys Corinne Vignon. Never disturb them, do not go against them? We are on permanent bullying. AT" The Haute-Garonne alley says it does not understand the high-the-heart raised by this treatise, which has been around for two years. "CETA is extremely positiveshe swears. French exports have increased by six points and Canada's imports have dropped six points, that's all in our favor! AT"

The episode illustrates the latent malaise of the agricultural world. A crisis that the executive monitors closely in this summer period, and with as much benevolence as possible.

The arrogant lawsuit against the government should not be revoked in the past two years.  € œThe permanences of à © lus, when there are gradations, â € ™ rather is the fact of â € œyellow vestsâ €, relativizes a close to the Minister of Agriculture, Didier Guillaume. We condemn these acts, but the farmers are more respectful than others, there is no violation of permanences.  € œItâ € ™ s normal that this kind of treaty is asking question, adds one in the entourage of the prime minister Edouard Philippe. We knew farmers' concerns about CETA, it's not new. The government is mobilized to continue to explain what it is. Our trade surplus with Canada has gone from 50 million to 400 million euros, it's not neutral! AT"