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Car rental vandalized in Spain to denounce the tourism "which kills the city"
Screen capture of the Arran group's social network video, Tuesday August 6th.

It's a punch action to denounce in Palma de Mallorca the  " saturation", the  " pollution" and the "Transformation of the city into a tourist showcase". The Spanish police investigated, on Tuesday 6 August, acts of vandalism against rental cars, led in the capital of the Spanish island by an organization of extreme left militant each summer against mass tourism.

The collective, called Arran, has released a video on social networks. There are two activists at night, their faces masked, tagging, beating the tires and hammering the windshield of two rental cars. The investigation was opened following the complaint of a vehicle rental company, but the police  € œMines the investigation to see if there are other people touched â €, according to a spokesman of the forces of the order.

"Tourism kills the city"

The second-largest tourist destination in the world, Spain is witnessing protest movements against tourism in several cities such as Barcelona and Palma. Arran, who advocates for the independence of "Catalan countries", is a specialist. In July, the organization hung a sign "Tourism kills the city" on an emblematic building of Barcelona. In 2017, they forced a tourist bus to stop before they broke the tires and tagged it.

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The movement blames tourism for driving up housing prices, demolishing city centers and polluting the environment. Economic circles and conservative parties, on the contrary, support this activity, which accounts for more than one-tenth of Spain's GDP and up to 45% of that of the Balearic Islands. .

"Thank you very much to tourists who use rental cars to visit the paradise where we live, revitalize our economy"The former right-wing president of the region, Josà © Ramon Bauza, writes on Twitter, in response to the video of Arran.

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