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Belgian employees received by mistake 30,000 euros each

The 230 workers at a company in Charleroi, Belgium, received by mistake 30,000 euros as salary each.

The employees of the Thy-Marcinelle steelworks in Charleroi received a pleasant surprise on their last pay. Indeed, the 230 workers received 30,000 euros each, reports RTL Belgium. Yet their pay initially amounts to … 1600 euros per month. Added to this was a bonus of around 100 euros. In total, the accountant made a mistake of around 7 million euros.

Big disappointment for the workers of this subsidiary of the Italian group Riva. Indeed, even if the error does not emanate from them, they are under the law forced to fully repay the sums received. This may be difficult for workers who have used some of this money to repay their debts. But the risk of refusing to rfund money is great: in case of dispute, employers will be entitled to take legal action to recover the sums mistakenky distributed.


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