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Beijing calls Hong Kong protests a "color revolution"

Until now only the Chinese nationalist press described the protest movement that has shaken Hong Kong for two months. "Color change". Chinese officials are no longer hesitant to use the term "red line" in Xi Jinping China. On Wednesday, August 7, Zhang Xiaoming, the director of Hongkong and Macau's business office in Beijing, is "Mr. Hongkong and Macao" in the Chinese government, judged, in front of 500 officials economic and political meetings behind closed doors in Shenzhen, what was happening in Hong Kong  € œThe obvious characteristics of a color revolutionâ €.

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According to the daily South China Morning Post, which reports the words of a participant, these revolutions that rocked the former Soviet empire and the Middle East at the beginning of the XXIe century are characterized by the role played by the youth and by the churches. Moreover, Chinese leaders are convinced that they are being fomented by the West. "The most urgent primary task now is to put an end to violence and chaos in order to protect our homeland and prevent Hong Kong from falling into the abyss. ", judged Zhang Xiaoming. The "Battle for the future of Hong Kong" is "A question of life or death"Wang Zhimin, the director of the Beijing office in Hong Kong, added.

Ambassadors in order

According to a participant, Zhang Xiaoming said that there can be no question of tolerating that Hong Kong disrupts the celebrations of the 70s.e anniversary of the arrival of the Communists in power that will unfold throughout China onst October. "The sooner the better", summarized Ip Kwok-him, a member of the National People's Congress, present at this reunion.

Obviously, for Beijing, which has now chosen to dramatize the situation, there can be no question of accepting the claims of  " Result © revolutionaries". There are five of them: officially withdraw the draft law on extraditions, particularly to mainland China, which is only "suspended", launch a commission of independent investigation into the police violence, release the hundreds of people arrested, stop qualifying the movement d 'à ¢ â,¬Å " "à  © packs" and launch a process of Hong Kong political reform.

Contrary to the promises made during the renegotiation of this former British colony of 7.3 million people to China in 1997, Hong Kong is not a true democracy and public liberty, although they are infinitely superior to those granted in mainland China, they are now being questioned by Beijing.

Zhang Xiaoming just considered the creation of a commission of inquiry, once calm returned. Undoubtedly aware of the disastrous effect that an intervention of the forces of the order, or even the Chinese army, would have in Hong Kong, Beijing has, it seems, asked for © to several of his ambassadors (notably in Rome, London, The Hague and Madrid) to intervene publicly to explain that the priority of the Chinese government was to put an end to the violence.

Wednesday was also marked by a peaceful demonstration of about 3,000 justice professionals (judges, lawyers …) who, on behalf of "Law, order, justice and peace", have denounced the "Political prosecutions" Against the protesters. At the end of the evening, hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of the Museum of Space, projecting laser pointers on the dome of the latter in order to denounce the arrest, the day before, of a student leader who had bought ten laser pointers, considered to be  " weapons" by the police.

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