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Beijing attacks Cathay Pacific, Hong Kong's flagship company

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The lobby of Hongkong International Airport on August 9th. ANTHONY WALLACE / AFP

Never short of ideas, the young people of Hong Kong have started their third month of mobilization by transforming the arrival hall of the airport into a gigantic happening place. Since Friday, August 9, hundreds of protesters welcome travelers in a good-natured atmosphere by singing or shouting "Down with tyranny". "Hong Kong Freedom from the dictatorship of the Chinese Communist Party" can we read on a poster.

On June 9, one million Hong Kong people protested against a bill allowing extradition to Mainland China. Since then, this project has been  " suspended" but the movement continues and the demands are widened. There are five of them: the complete withdrawal of this law, the abandonment of the notion of "à  © packs" to characterize the demonstration of June 12, the release and the halt of the prosecution against the arrested protesters, the creation of a commission of independent investigation on the violence policié and free elections by universal suffrage.

The problem for the protesters is that the Chinese authorities, well decided not to let the installation take place. Â "Â chaos" in this "Special Administrative Region" that is Hong Kong, there is no shortage of imagination either. China on Friday announced a spectacular and unpublished measure: it banned employees of the Hong Kong-based airline Cathay Pacific from taking part in the general strike on August 5th. to fly to China but also to fly over its territory.

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All flights to Europe and Russia are therefore potentially concerned. From Saturday, August 10, the company must submit to Chinese civil aviation the names of the members of his crew concerned. If they contain a bump, the flight will be banned. The Chinese civil aviation authorities have also demanded that Cathay send them Thursday, August 16, detailed plans that it intends to take in terms of security. They would have discovered  "Result © recently » many  " risks" in this matter. Cathay could also be boycotted by Chinese investors. The aircrew union of this company had supported the call to the strike and a Cathay pilot was arrested during the demonstrations.