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Automatic valet service without human supervision gets government approval

In Stuttgart, the car park of the Mercedes-Benz Museum is the scene of an experiment of automatic valet service that was done with the presence of a driver to ensure control. Bosch and Daimler announce that they have obtained government approval for driverless and unattended parking.

As part of this collaboration, Bosch provides the intelligent infrastructure of the car park and Daimler provides automotive technology from its subsidiary Mercedes-Benz.

In practice, it is through a mobile application that a driver instructs his vehicle to go to parking. On its own, the Mercedes-Benz vehicle goes to an assigned parking spot. With the same procedure and interaction, the vehicle returns later to a driver support area.

Such an operation involves the presence of sensors in the parking lot in a surveillance optics and information for guiding the vehicle, with also the detection of obstacles. Soon, it will be the demonstration of a level 4 autonomous driving system in the context of daily use.

" Driverless driving and parking are essential elements of future mobility. The automated parking system illustrates the progress already made on this path ", says Markus Heyn, member of Robert Bosch's Executive Board.