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The site contains a large number of editors, journalists, technical staff, and administrative staff. We have chosen them very carefully to work on the News Today website today.

Note: Our goal is to recruit more people in the field of journalism in the coming period, whether through online advertising or the formation of a group of interested journalists.

If you have the vision and ambition to work with our website or to visit the website of our company, please contact us a message via the attached form.

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  Paris, France
The website manager responsible for technical and software work, the electronic newspaper.
  Paris, France
Chairman of the board of directors responsible for organizing and developing the general policy of the website and the electronic newspaper.
  Paris, France
One of the most important things for me as a press writer is the technical news that changes our world day by day, so I write in this area of technology across many sites and I am.
  la Rochelle, France
An experienced journalist in internal and global political affairs, she tackles political issues from all sides
journalist, Media
  Paris, France
28 years of journalism for 5 years, I am interested in technical news and celebrities, as well as fashion, and I publish in many international electronic journals.
  Paris, France
I photograph general events and conferences and publish and report on these events at the European level.
journalist, photographer
  Nice, France
I am a fashion designer in the past and I currently write in the fields of fashion, cosmetics, body care and women in general. I am interested in family matters and everything related to maternal, child and family health.
  Paris, France
A final year student studying sports and local and world sports news and a good supporter of all sports and Olympic activities and events.
  Paris, France
Head of technical department in some websites, I have been in the field of electronic journalism for 12 years and I am interested in travel, trips and discovering the world of technology.
  Nant, France
Independent political analyst working in this field for 14 years, I analyze political events from a different angle.


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