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At the Assembly booth, practices are changing less and less between "old" and "new" world

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In the corridors of the National Assembly, the rumor spread since the beginning of the five-year period on a chorus of sadness. The "new world" would not drink anymore. The noise has sneaked from a secret place, forbidden to the public: the parlor bar. You will not even open its doors in the virtual tour proposed on the website of the National Assembly. Visitors are not welcome. No more than journalists or parliamentary collaborators.

This Art Nouveau inspired room, isolated by a double door, is the place of political truce and fraternisations Transpartisanes. It is also the sanctuary of urban legends, like the last one. The arrival of the members of La RÃ © public en marche would have ended the conviviality around the little white, to the bonhomie of the extended meals. Something that some would call "the art of being French".

Soda against small white

At the counter, we heard the new members say that they do not "Would never look like" To their predecessors struggling to catch zinc. "In the beginning, it was Perrier and Coca Zero", remembers a limonadière source. We confirm. During the first evening of the National Assembly of the new legislature, in June 2017, two thirty-something LRMs had come up in the middle of the night in search of cans of soda. Stocks at the bar were gone. With a lot of press statements, the majority claimed its asceticism. The mischievous look of some Assembly officials and old politicians betrayed a certain nostalgia.

Far from being welcomed, the sobriety of the novices came to synthesize the old world's reproach to the new. That of practicing a form of hygiene on all floors. Arriving at the Palais-Bourbon, the new majority had promised to shake up the codes and to cheesy all those she had pushed out. She began by adopting a law of moralization of the political life, her deputies swearing only by their experience of "civil society" and their promise not to enro In politics. She was attacking the myth of the elite pantagruelist and mandate collector, one of the sources of the crisis of confidence of voters.