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Anne Hidalgo will start her campaign with a book

She is not yet a candidate and will declare as late as possible, probably in December 2019 or in January 2020, to make the most of her status as mayor of Paris, above the melee. . Touch by key, Anne Hidalgo does not prepare its campaign for 2020 any less moderately. Next sign addressed to the voters: the exit, on September 25, of a book titled (at this stage ) Paris future.

In these 160 pages published by the Editions of the Observatory, the Socialist Socialist defends his balance sheet and exposes his vision of the city of tomorrow around three key verbs: To breathe, to protect, to cultivate. AT" The text has been fine-tuned with Antoine Leiris, the author of You will not have my hate (Fayard, 2016), hired in 2018 to write the mayor's speeches. While waiting for a program in due form, this book aims at not giving up the editorial ground to its only opponents.

A campaign that is also played in bookstores

Because in Paris, bourgeois and intellectual capital, the municipal campaign is also played in bookstores. Journalists Nadia Le Brun and Airy Routier will open fire on 4 September with Saint Anne (Albin Michel), a dependent investigation defending the policy of Anne Hidalgo, in the extension of their bestseller Our Drama of Paris.

The same day, Gaspard Gantzer, one of the outsiders of the campaign, will publish We Parisians (Fayard). "A book allows you to extract from the everyday to ask ideas, convictions, in depth", pleads the former adviser to Franois Hollande. "Texts of this type are rarely success stories, He added. But it is also an opportunity to tour booksellers, the media, meet people. AT"

Same logic for Pierre Liscia, young elite of the Parisian right and columnist on C8, which will publish, on October 2, Shame (Albin Michel). "I'm ashamed of what has become of Paris", assumes: a city "To the agony", marked by "Pollution, dirt, expensive living, insecurity, traffic jams, stress". Then comes the turn, in December or January, of the ecologist David Belliard, who recently signed his contract with the publishing house â € "just as erotic â €" "Street of the Exchequer.

Benjamin Griveaux, the candidate of La RÃ © public en marche, does not have a book in preparation. "Even if I regret it, I do not think it's the right format in the world we live in.", He judge. One more way for this pure sugar macronist to break with the "old world".

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