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An American sentenced for murder released after the support of stars
Cyntoia Brown on May 23, 2018 in the women's prison of Nashville, Tennessee. Lacy Atkins / AP

An American imprisoned for a murder committed at the age of 16, when she was forced to prostitute herself, was released on Wednesday 7 August "In the morning, announced the Tennessee Penitentiary Authorities. His sentence had been passed after the intervention of several stars.

"Early this morning, Cyntoia Denise Brown was released from the Tennessee Women's Prison.", said the penitentiary authorities in a statement.

Cyntoia Brown, who received the support of singer Rihanna or actress Ashley Judd, was sentenced to death in 2006 for killing a quadrant while She was forced to prostitute herself.

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Fifteen years purged

During her trial, she had admitted the murder. But she had explained that she lived a nightmare under the influence of a man who forced her to prostitute herself. She had said she had panicked the day of the murder, arriving at a client who had many weapons at home. Evoking a file "Tragic and complex", Tennessee's Republican Governor Bill Haslam announced in January that he was commuting his sentence.

Cyntoia Brown, who is now 31, was released after serving 15 years in prison. She will remain on parole until 2029.

His story was the subject of a documentary in 2011 and several personalities were mobilized to defend it.

Rifts in the judicial system

Under the hashtag #FreeCyntoiaBrown, Rihanna had lashed out "A system that leaves the way open to rapists but throws the victim into prison for life" and speedboat star Kim Kardashian had judged "Distressing to see a young girl who has been sexually trafficked and has had the courage to defend herself, to be condemned to perpetuity".

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On Twitter, basketball player LeBron James rejoiced at his release: "Cyntoia Brown welcome home !!!! AT"

An online kitty baptized "Cyntoia Brown – The Second Chance Fund" had close to $ 22,000 on the GoFundMe platform.

In the United States, many artists use their notoriety to denounce the flaws in the judicial system, accused of treating blacks and whites differently, the poor and the rich, but also to pronounce sentences too heavy which prevent any re-insertion.

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