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Algeria: General Khaled Nezzar Subject to International Arrest Warrant
Former Algerian Minister Khaled Nezzar at a press conference in Paris in April 2001. THOMAS COEX / AFP

International arrest warrants were issued by Algerian military justice on Tuesday 6 August against former defense minister Khaled Nezzar (1990-1993). ), his son Lotfi, leader of a computer company, and Farid Benhamdine, president of the Algerian Society of Pharmacy.

According to the public television, the three men, including "The names appeared during the investigation against Saïd Bouteflika," the brother of the fallen president Abdelaziz Bouteflika, are accused "Conspiracy against the State and breach of public order". The charge of conspiracy against the State is punishable under Article 77 of the Algerian Penal Code by the death penalty.

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Even if the measure is loud, it was widely expected since the appearance on Twitter, July 15, of an account, never openly assumed, in the name of Khaled Nezzar, taking openly to Chief of the Army, General Ahmed Gaid Salah, accused of having "Usurpe manu militari" the power.

 € œAlgeria is being held hostage by a brutal individual who imposed the fourth and inspired the fifth term. It must be stopped! Countries in danger  », was the first tweet attributed to the one who was one of the main actors, in January 1992, of the interruption of the electoral process in the process of being carried away by the Islamists. The country then plunged into a decade of internal warfare.

The former defense minister was heard on May 14 as a witness in the investigation for "conspiracy against the authority of the army and the army". State "targeting Saïd Bouteflika, former intelligence chiefs Mohamed Medične (known as" Toufik ") and Athmane Tartag (aka" Bachir "), and the leader of the Workers Party, Louisa Hanoune.

General Nezzar took the opportunity to heavily load Saïd Bouteflika, assuring him that he had told him, during a meeting in March, that he was planning to set up his team. state of siege and toss the general Gaid Salah. The charge had been made public by the site Patriotic Algeria, directed by his son, and interpreted at the time as a signal sent to the country's new strongman, Ahmed Gaid Salah, engaged in an open war against the  " Issaba" (the band), name given to the Bouteflika clan. This "signal" however remained ineffective.

Escape in Spain

According to Algerian medias, the entrepreneur Farid Benhamdine is meanwhile "The intermediary between the former defense minister and Saïd Bouteflika" in what has been considered as a  " plot" against the chief of staff of the army, Ahmed Gaid Salah. As a witness, general Nezzar thus found himself accused of conspiracy with the "gang".

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Probably aware of the fate that awaited him, the former strongman of the 1990s cautiously fled Algeria to Spain a month ago, before being joined by his son Lotfi, whose company SLC, provider of access to the Internet, was removed a few days ago, his approval. The "war" between Ahmed Gaid Salah and Khaled Nezzar was somehow officialized by the appearance of the Twitter account on behalf of the former defense minister, who She never denied that it belonged to her.

After the announcement of the arrest warrant, two tweets were published on the account @ KhaledNezzar8:

For some observers, this new trend confirms that the peaceful popular movement that has persisted in Algeria since February 22 is accelerating the crackdown on a real the main figures are in prison, particularly in corruption cases.

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