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After the attack in El Paso, the owner of 8chan takes the defense of his forum
Screen capture of the video released by Jim Wakins, the owner of 8chan, a few days after the attack in El Paso, Texas.

"Our company has always collaborated with law enforcement to help them in their investigations. AT" This is the message that Jim Watkins, the owner of the 8chan forum, hammered out in a video released on Tuesday, August 6, on YouTube.

His site is in trouble since the attack in El Paso, Texas, which killed 22 people on Saturday: an anti-immigration manifesto attributed to the shooter was broadcast shortly before the first shots of fire. 8chan had already pointed out in recent months after two massacres: the perpetrator of the Christchurch bombing in New Zealand, which killed 51 people on March 15, had also issued a manifesto sparking a "White genocide" as well as a link to follow his massacre live, broadcast on 8chan. A month later, a student posted a racist and antisemitic open letter before opening fire on the worshipers of the Orthodox Synagogue in Poway, California.

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 € œThis is a tragedy for these familiesâ €Jim Watkins reacted on Tuesday, after being silent since the El Paso bombing, in a solemn video – an image of Benjamin Franklin, one of the fathers. founders of the United States, accompanies him, as well as the bell to the deaths of the American army. This former American soldier, now established in the Philippines, has evoked, as Donald Trump, the "Mental disorders" which, according to him, would suffer the terrorist.

During the seven minutes of this video, Jim Watkins relentlessly collaborates with law enforcement whenever they request it and ensures that he has been in contact with the police. FBI "A few minutes" only after the attack on El Paso, to help the federal agency.

 € œI have recruited a team that takes full time to respond to the demands of the forces of the order. We want to say that we respect the law. (â € |) We have never protected the illegal words, contrary to the accusations of untrustworthy journalists. AT"

"It disturbs me that it can be closed so easily"

Jim Watkins also regretted the decision  «là ¢ che » Cloudflare, an important content distribution network (CDN), no longer provide its services, making the site inaccessible since Monday. A choice  «là ¢ che », says the owner of 8chan, which claims a million users. And who has since been sanctioned by another company in the sector, Voxility, making it difficult to put it back online.

"8chan is a blank page on which to write. It disturbs me that it can be closed so easily. (â € |) This dispersed a group of peaceful people who were discussing. (â € |) We are one of the last independent companies that offers a space where you can share your ideas, without having to worry about whether they will offend one group or another. AT"

The owner of the forum has even referred to Donald Trump, saying that "It does not respect what the President of the United States of America has asked the companies for new technologies.". The latter often attacks the big companies of the Web, accusing them of being politically biased and censoring conservative ideas.

Moreover, Jim Watkins claimed that the alleged shooter had posted his message on Instagram and not on 8chan and that another person had subsequently posted it on the forum. What Instagram has lost in the columns of Guardian, pointing out that the suspect's account had been inactive for more than a year.

Convened by american delegates

Video explanations that will probably not suffice for American delegates. On Tuesday, the Internal Security Committee of the House of Representatives asked Jim Watkins to come and answer his questions. "Americans deserve to know what you do, if you do something, as the owner and operator of the forum, against the proliferation of extreme content on 8chan", Writes the commission in a letter.

 € œThatâ € ™ s why the Internal Security Commission respectfully requests that you come to it to testify about the efforts of 8chan to investigate and limit the proliferation of extremist content. , including white supremacist content, on your site. AT"

Jim Watkins has not, for the time being, publicly expressed on this request. The owner of 8chan says working on the online site.

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