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Accused of sexual abuse of minors, financier Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide in prison

US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of sexual abuse of minors, and risking life imprisonment, committed suicide in Manhattan jail where he was awaiting trial, reported Saturday, August 10, several US media citing official sources.

According to New York Times, the 66-year-old hung financier hanged himself in his cell and his lifeless body was found Saturday morning early. Jeffrey Epstein had already been found at the end of July lying on the floor in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, a Manhattan prison, with marks on his neck, after what had been pre-ordained felt like a possible suicide attempt. The wounds were however at that time without gravity and he was then presented in the following days to a court hearing.

Arrested on July 6 in the United States back from a trip to France, he appeared two days later in a federal court in Manhattan. The Attorney's Office in Manhattan released a fourteen-page document at the hearing, exposing new charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to sexually assault him between 2002 and 2005, claiming that he abused dozens of underage girls, some 14 years old, for cash in cash in their residences in Manhattan and Palm Beach, Florida. In addition, he allegedly paid some of his victims to recruit for him other prey in their entourage. He risked the prison at perpetuity.

In 2008, the businessman had already been charged with the same facts and risked imprisonment for life. He had then secured a controversial grievance deal with Alexander Acosta, who was South Florida District Attorney. This agreement had at the time witnessed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Epstein, held away from his victims and provided for particularly favorable conditions of development. his sentence of detention. Donald Trump's Minister of Labor in 2017, Alexander Acosta resigned on July 12.

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