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When we thought about Build a news site in our company, The Rocket Solutions, which is based in 329 Rue de Paris, 95150 Taverny, Paris, France, we aim to make you discover in real time and at the same time all the latest news in France and internationally.

Our goal is to cover in depth all the events of politics, economy, , Fashion, health and lifestyle.

News Today is presented to you by a team of experienced professionals who have several years of experience in information about new technologies in both digital and paper format.

All these experiences have been assembled in one place and a very ambitious plan. To present something different and new in the field of electronic journalism.

Our goal is to build several branches and headquarters for the European e-newsletter within two years of launching the site.


If you have any inquiry or special request regarding our site, or what the editors do with the site, you can contact us via the form or by phone from the following data.


Phone: +33617214507
Email: [email protected]


The News Today Company
115 Avenue des Tuileries 59250 Halluin France

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