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A sand castle with Laure Prouvost: "It's cozy, breasts. We all love that »

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Laure Prouvost, on the beach of Wissant (Pas-de-Calais), on June 1st. LUCIE PASTUREAU / HANSLUCAS FOR THE WORLD

 "Huh! Children, we will make cushions … Breasts | A pair of boobs. Shot towards England. Itâ € ™ is cozy, breasts. We all love children, guys, women … It's so comfortable. It's sweet and round, it's the femininity, the future. And then it's the beginning of a history of art. Said: We are coming out. Breasts, by a woman, is the re-appropriation of her body. Laure Prouvost grabbed a beach shovel and, with the help of her children, Céleste and Isidore, carved a castle in the sand â € " AT"  cushions " â € "in the perfect line of his work that travels between the absurd and the claimant. First French to win the Turner Prize (2013), she was, this year, the ambassador of France at the Venice Biennale.

It is an extraordinary day that day on the side of Calais. It seems that the whole region has spread on the beautiful beach of Wissant (Pas-de-Calais). Double-row cars, tails among glaciers, and a beach that, at high tide, looks like one of those children's books where in a compact crowd you have to look for some Charlie. AT" Do not believe, normally it's not like that. Here, we are alone, with ten coats, we run shouting to warm up … And yet we have blood from the North! said Laure Prouvost, digging under the stallion. But the beaches, itâ € ™ s something special. A place where we disconnect and a place where we are together. Huge and free. AT"

Studies at St. Martin's School of Art in London

To the north, Cape Blanc-Nez and its chalk walls. To the south, Cape Gris-Nez with dark clays. Opposite, England: "It's really a piece of land that has separated. Cliffs that we could pick up ", says the artist, showing the cliffs of Dover to which slow ferries direct their travels. AT" What is good here is that we are close to our friends, " she continues smiling, speaking of the British. At 20, Laure Prouvost has rallied London and its prestigious Saint Martinâ € ™ s School of Art. She did her studies, career and life before settling with Nick Aikens, her husband, curator, and their children in Antwerp, Belgium.

A sand castle with Laure Prouvost: "It's cozy, breasts. We all love that »
Laure Prouvost on a dune overlooking the beach of Wissant (Pas-de-Calais), June 1st. LUCIE PASTUREAU / HANSLUCAS FOR THE WORLD

Why art? AT" Because I was very bad in everything else. Art, it was the possibility of creating my own language, analyzes the one who arrived in the UK without knowing a word of English and now speaks a franco-english sabir deceiving for this child of the north cha. AT" There is a poetry in the faults of phrases, words. I listen to French now with a lot of curiosity. Why do you say, "Are you busy with your onions?" Would there be any hidden meaning to his remark?