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a finding of failure for the production of electricity

In December 2016, Ségolène Royal, who was then Minister of the Environment, Energy and the Sea, inaugurated a section of solar road of one kilometer in Tourouvre in the department of Orne in Normandy.

With 2,880 photovoltaic panels on a departmental road, it was planned at the time an annual electricity production of 280 MWh to return to the Enedis network, with a daily electricity production of 767 kWh and can reach peaks of 1500 kWh per day in summer.

This project of Wattway (Colas) is very far from the account. Interviewed by Challenges, Alain Pelleray, chief of staff of the president of the departmental council of the Orne, confirms that this solar road is " an economic failure " Insofar as " the electricity production is not at the rendezvous. "

He estimates that from December 2016 to March 2019, the solar road produced 229 MWh, 2.3 times more than originally planned. " We expected 20 000 € of electricity product from 2017 to early 2019 and we only recovered 40%, which represents 8 000 euros for the sale of electricity to EDF. "

This first solar road was financed by the State to the tune of 5 million euros before tax. In addition, especially because of noise and wear, the speed was limited to 70 km / h.

If the solar road will be deconstructed with a part already removed, however, there will be a reconstruction on a reduced portion of 400 m with the installation by Colas of panels for which the technology has evolved.