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85 migrants rescued by "Ocean Viking" off Libya
"Ocean Viking", Wednesday August 7th. AP

Itâ € ™ s the first major rescue mission of its kindOcean Viking. In a post on Twitter, Doctors Without Borders has announced that the replacement of theAquarius had rescued eighty-five people – not 80 as erroneously indicated at first – in international waters, Friday, August 9th.

Migrants aboard a rubber boat were in  " Details © braid" according to the humanitarian medical association. A network of activists, who run a telephone line for migrants, said they were alerted to the presence of a boat off Libya carrying eighty-five people, including five women and four children, and informed the authorities as well as the ship.

Migrants rescued by theOcean Viking will probably be brought to Europe, but countries are increasingly reluctant to host these humanitarian ships and the migrants that go with them. Thursday, Malta refused access to its territorial waters to theOcean Viking who planned to refuel at home. On the other side of the Mediterranean, the reception of migrants rescued at sea is criticized.

Migrants sleep on Libyan embankments

Friday, the Libyan navy has accused the authorities of failure in their care of migrants rescued at sea. They are initially welcomed by NGOs on the spot who offer them care and food, before dâ € ™ à¢ à ¢ â,¬Å¡Ãƒâ € | ™ be placed in detention centers, without freedom of movement, places regularly described by NGOs as lawless areas, and where live at least 5,200 people, according to figures from the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

The navy, which can not exercise its authority outside the ports, is obliged to keep the survivors under its control before handing them over to the authorities of the Ministry of the Interior. But migrants sometimes wait several days on platforms, sleeping on the ground and homeless, that the authorities come to pick them up, declared in a statement the general Ayoub Kacem, spokesman of the navy.

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Updated 16:12 : contrary to what we mistakenly indicated at first, the rescue took place in international waters.

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